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Anonymous asked: "Can I audition for Lily Evans?"

Yes you may! Lily Evans is open!

posted 2 years ago

Notice/Mod Question

Tomorrow, the available characters section will be tackled and then we should be fully operational.

However, feel free to start promoting and adding as you would like.

My question to you all: Would you like character bios to be added and FC’s given for certain characters with the option to change any parts of the character?

Respond in a message or to this post!

Please and Thank You!

posted 2 years ago

All Available Characters | All Taken Characters
Gryffindor: Available | Taken
Ravenclaw: Available | Taken
Hufflepuff: Available | Taken
Slytherin: Available | Taken
Other: Available | Taken

All Available Characters | All Taken Characters

Amycus Carrow | Slytherin | FC: Josh Hutcherson | Taken

Amycus Carrow | Slytherin | FC: Josh Hutcherson | Taken

posted 2 years ago


As we’re coming off hiatus… expect some major changes! And a bit of construction!

Sorry for the mess!

The Countdown begins.

May is upon us, dear RPers. And after some work to be done, and several of our current members asked.

We shall be returning to RPing shortly! The story shall start over… and relationships may change or remain as you wish them!

All I can say is that I’m excited for us all. I’m excited to have us all back, and I’m excited to hear all your thoughts and ideas!


My dearest members,

I so hate to do this to you all. Not when you’ve put in so much work. But I believe we need to put the group in general on hiatus, to be reopened during the summer.

That is not to say that we shall be closing the group. It is still yours to dream of, to write for, to play. But perhaps, it will all be for the best to wait till others have more time to join and create with us.

Now, if there is anything you need, anyone you’d like to keep in touch with, send them a message, send us one, and we’ll try to help as best we can.

I am so sorry to do this to you, and I am so sorry to make you wait. But in a few short months, we’ll try again.

Thank you, for all you’ve done to keep us afloat thus far. I will never give up on you. But for now, we’ll rest. Take a break, and then try again in the future.

Anonymous asked: "Hello! I've noticed you still don't have a Lily? Or am I mistaken? If not, I would like to try for the part. Reserve Lily Evans for me?"

Simply send in an audition and she shall be yours!

Anonymous asked: "Is your dash active? Because I really want to apply but just wanted to check!"

Honestly, it depends on when you log on. We have incredibly active people. However, we tend to all be on different time zones. But part of that is because we have many people who apply, and then deactivate.

That is why when we ask for new members, we ask for a bit of time to round out activity. You’ll find the best times to be active that way. And then you’ll see when our other members sign on as well. But there is almost always one person lurking if not more!